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The founders of Caribbean Hyperbaric Medicine (CHM) have in excess of 50 years cumulative experience in the field of Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine. Our exclusive objective is to deliver the most comprehensive and focused hyperbaric industry training available today.

Dr. Tyler Sexton, MD, CHT, DMT President & CEO
tylerimagesm About HyperbaricTraining.comSince 2003, Dr. Sexton has been an international motivational speaker. Dr. Sexton has spoke hundreds of times raising awareness about overcoming adversity for the disabled. He has written a book entitled God Bless These Little Legs and been featured in numerous books, articles, and radio/television broadcast around the country. Some of these programs include 700 Club, The God Squad, Hour of Power, The Helpline and Focus on the Family. His goal is to impact people by instilling in them an attitude of achievement–regardless of the disability or situation. He strives to be a doctor who gives hope to patients, instead of worst case scenarios. His interest in Hyperbarics was initially due to his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Sexton was told that he would never walk, talk or even see. Defying these odds, and undergoing 16 surgeries he pursued his passionof SCUBA diving and has climbed the ranks of recreational SCUBA diving and turn his passion into his career as a Hyperbaric Physician. Dr. Sexton has published many papers focused on Hyperbaric Medicine and its medicinal effects in many clinical applications. Dr. Sexton mentors children with disabilities and works with many special interest groups educating them in the field of Hyperbaric Medicine. He uses this knowledge as a physician by treating countless individuals suffering from Decompression Illness and other hyperbaric clinical applications in the US and abroad for anyone in need of it. Dr. Sexton is also a Clinical Professor of Hyperbaric Medicine and teaches courses for a medical school in the Caribbean and consults with many individuals/companies looking for increased training for their personnel.

University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine
Netherland Antilles
Doctor of Medicine

Undergraduate – University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine
Netherland Antilles
Bachelor of Hyperbaric Medicine (BHM)

Undergraduate – University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
Biomedical Sciences (B. Med. Sci.) 05/2007

National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Technologies
Diver Medic Instructor No. 0059

Diver Alert Network (DAN) Instructor # 14543

National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Technologies – Certified Hyperbaric Technologist Instructor

The International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM), Key Largo, Florida
Diving Medical Officer

National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Technologies,
Columbia, South Carolina
Diver Medic No. 1565
02/2009 -02/2011

National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technologies,
Columbia, South Carolina
Certified Hyperbaric Technologist, No. 3027
01/2008 -06/2010
Unk Degree, 06/2010

Scuba Schools International, Fort Collins, Colorado
Dive Control Specialist, No. 54231

Scuba Schools International, Fort Collins, Colorado
Dive Master, EUF Certified, No. EN 14153-3

Scuba Schools International, Fort Collins, CO
Master Diver, No. 801548Y2650772196641-US

Professional Association of Diving Professionals International (PADI),
Santa Margarita, CA
Rescue Diver, No. 0903087448

Scuba Schools International, Fort Collins, CO
Century Diver, No. 801548R2652180846388-US

Scuba Schools International, Fort Collins, CO
Advanced Open Water Diver, No. 253299



Phillip Janca ~ Technology Officer

pjancasm About HyperbaricTraining.com

Certified diver 1960.

I965 YMCA Scuba Instructor

1973 The Ocean Corporation Commercial Diver, U/W Welding, Bell

Operator/Diver, Mixed Gas Diver, Hyperbaric Life Support Technician

1974 first successful stateside repair of a critical level Nuclear Reactor using the cooling water as a radiation shield

1975 North Sea Saturation Diver 760 to 985 fsw

1976 Deep Diving Manned Submersible Pilot

1976-1998 Diving Research Officer at the University of the West Indies (UWI)

Associate Researcher UWI until 1998.

1976 Built, installed and operated the National Recompression Chamber in Jamaica Worked with DAN physicians at Duke University to treat dozens of DCI injuries from the tourism, black coral, and lobster diving sectors

1980 founded Research Submersibles Ltd., a Grand Cayman based company, which eventually became the largest operator of deep diving manned submersibles in the world

1998 founded HyperTec Inc., which continues to design and build code compliant HBOT systems for distribution worldwide

1999 founded Hyperbaric Centers of Texas, which is the oldest and most successful freestanding HBOT center in Texas

Holds numerous worldwide patents relating to sub-sea power generation, and human organ harvest, transport, and storage technology.